Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prince Dog Keychain/Phone Charm

Majestic Prince

Like all fairy tales, this cute lil prince dog will come to your rescue when you are in danger (damsel in distress)

The prince dog is wearing a long cape and a tiny crown. It is very charming and cute :)

The back of the prince

Adopt this prince home now and let it protect you :D

Measurement : 5.5cm (height:including cape) x 5cm (width)
Price: RM8 each

You can convo me for customization of the color of the cape.
The prince dog will only be made when purchased. The prince dog is handmade, there will not be exactly alike. (face expression)

Please let me know you would like it to be a keychain or as phone charm when check out and also color of the cape

Thank you :)

©2009 araleling

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