Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dandelion and Beaded Flower Felt Hair Clip

The design is a dandelion alike flower in the middle of the clip and beaded flower on the right side. Flower themed hair clip.

The clip is made to wear on the right side. Please let me know if you like one for both side. All the clips are handmade, there will not be exactly alike.

Clips are made when ordered. Customization of other background color is allowed, email me at and tell me your color selection from the photo I uploaded.

Measurement : 2 inches long
Clip Type : Snap clip
Price : RM4.50 each

BUY 3 at RM12 OR 6 at RM24 and so on =)

All beads and felt are sewn.

Colors of the displayed hairclip:
Teal, Light Cream, Grey and Orangy Cream background

Let me know which color you want :)

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