Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cute Love Kitty

This cute love kitty is suitable as a gift for your loved one at any occasion or even for yourself. Show some love to yourself, friends and loved ones =)

Each Kitty comes with a bell to make it even more interesting with the 'ring ring' sound and a lil heart located around the tummy area. It can be made into key chain, phone strap charm as an decoration to hang on your door knob or inside your car as well =)

Kitty with tail (bell at the end of tail)

Kitty without tail

As decoration on door knob or hang inside your car or anyway (ribbon not included)

Pick the kitty's skin color

Pick the tail color (if tail included)

This Kitty is priced at RM 8.50 (without tail) OR RM9.00 (with tail) each

Customization is allowed for this Kitty, you can pick the Skin, Ear & Beads Color (if tail is included)

Measurement: 6cm (height excluding tail) x 6.5cm (widest from foot to foot) x 3cm (tail)

Please email me for customization & purchase. Kindly fill up the below form format =) Thank you

Item: Cute Love Kitty
Skin color (Pick from the photo posted) :
Ear color (Pick from the photo posted) :
Tail (Yes or No) :
Beads color (if tail included) :

Thank you for your interest =)
Do forward this post to anyone you think they will like it too, thank you so much for your help ~~~


  1. i want to buy one of this...with tail.

  2. Hehe, didn't notice comment here, paiseh ya



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