Monday, October 11, 2010

Copy Cat Seller

Sigh.. I found out that someone copied my Froggie designs and sell it cheaply..
I really have no idea why people will copy someone else design.. It is something that belong to a person hardwork and creativity.. and to copy just like that and ignore the owner of the design after they approach you to ask you to stop you just act like nothing happen and never even reply or apologize.. Would you like it if someone else where to copy your designs? But I don't think they are even your designs.. coz they all look quite common to me too! I can find them in other person shop! Sigh... I really hope that she will stop it else I will just post her shop link here, I really don't want to do that as we are all local crafter and should support each other rather than copy each other!

My froggie designs..


  1. people should definitely not do that. when u design something u put all your heart and effort into it and it's not fair for someone that is not that creative to come and get what is yours.. yours are way cuter and better anyways hihi :D.

  2. This is bad ara! I am so sorry to read that! I hope she will stop soon coping you and to apologize :)

  3. ara, I followed your blog :) it's very nice!
    Thank you for adding my shop in your blog.

  4. too bad... I saw the shop who copy you in CraftZone, she post out the images and tell people how much she sold, and some more is whole sales.... really too bad, she should apologize to you, and take down the post. :(

  5. ugh, thats not fair at all. dont worry i will always come to you. i love my froggie!! :)



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