Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Non Cavity Sweets - Colorful Treats Appliques

Get each of them at RM1 only (Buy more and save more)
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Measurement : 1.6 x 1 inches (4.0cm x 2.5cm) Width x Height

You can use them to decorate your scrap book cover page, as decorative items, or stick it on magnet and display them on your fridge, so that every time when you open your fridge you get to see this cute minis :D

You can also use them as decorations in hair clip, snap, scrapbooking, socks, art projects, etc. Just add glue or stitch and they are ready to go.

Bring them home today :3

Thank you :)

If you would like them to become ornament or charm for keychains, I can do that for you to for extra charges.

©2010 araleling

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