Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Feeling of Receiving Parcel

Now I know how others feel when they wait for their parcel and the moment they receive them. It is such an excitement!! The waiting days can actually kill and when receive it time, oh my the pleasure :D
This parcel arrived yesterday, after about 3 weeks, from US :D

Ta-da!! Small bottles, I have some idea what to do with it, but not sure whether it will work out or not >_< Sent quite some fortune on it.. pocket also got hole already.. hahaha

Bought another packet of polymer clay from the shop (local)


  1. this polymer clay u buy from where?how much per 1?

  2. Erm.. I bought it at Penang.. hehe.. maybe you can try those craft blog who sell this as supply?

  3. u know which craft blog who sell this as supply? How much u bought that packet?

  4. You can try go to : to find, got many blogshop there :)

    this one i bought rm20 if not mistaken, if you cannot find, i can help you if you want but you have to pay for the shipping cost as well.. hehe..

  5. when u go that shop,u got see the polymer clay that have one colour in the packet only which same brand with urs? u know how much? the outer plastic is yellow colour. I buy from my clay craft teacher is rm13.

  6. I think about the same.. Oh? you got took the clay making lesson :D
    Then you must be very good at them :)

  7. not at all:) urs one gt hw many colours per packet? Did the shop has skin colour and pink colour? do you know the name of the shop?



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